Spiral Hair Case - Do not Order from Spiral Haircase... Not worth the trouble!

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I was looking for a specific brand of shampoo and conditioner that is not available here in Ontario, Canada so i decided to look for it online ...thats how i ended up on the Spiral Haircase Website, and what a mistake!! I placed the order about a month ago. I realized afterwards that their phone number is disconnected.

They did not respond to my inquiries until 2 weeks later then they sent me an email saying that the order has been processed and when I tried tracking the UPS number that they gave me, it said that they have not received the goods to be shipped.

Either Spiral HairCase is a total scam or they are super incompetent.

Review about: Pravana Shampoo And Conditioner.



I have been trying to resolve an order issue with this company since August.It has not responded to my calls (now there is no phone number) or my emails.

I'm convinced the company went belly-up and is taking money from the innocent.Buyer Beware!


I hope you're right Sherri because it just doesn't look that way to me.

Today is Nov 4th and I placed my order on Sept 30th and still no products, no emails or notifications or any sort of communications on their part.

How else do you explain it... I believe that you were legit but don't see any sign that they are.

Why wouldn't they respond to out inquiries?


This company is not a scam. I started Spiral Haircase in 2000 and after running it for 8 years from South Dakota, I sold it to the current owners in Florida in 2008. I haven't been able to reach them lately, so I hope things are ok.

to sherri Boston, Massachusetts, United States #810140

Sherri, if you are indeed the previous owner of Spiral Haircase I just wanted to let you know that it was likely during your tenure that I had placed a few orders. Each time I was very pleased with the service you provided, the order turnaround time, and responses to any inquiries or issues that may have come up.

When you started the company, it was definitely a site that I went to with confidence and trust. Thank you.


Agreed.....they had a phone number on their website, which has been removed now...and AFTER the number was disconnected, they have changed their web page to "40% HUGE moving sale" so I am positive they are a scam. So pissed and wish there was a way to take action. :(

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Spiral Hair Case - Spiral Haircase~Stole Money, Did Not Deliver

La Junta, Colorado 12 comments

I Googled a particular brand of hair product (Grund) that I needed, placed an order on 9/20; Full payment in the amount of $100.31 was deducted from my checking account on 9/29; yet my purchase has still not been delivered. I have emailed three times with no response, and now the number is disconnected. I tried to track the package, was provided a "Label #" for USPS, but no further information is available from the post office.

Pretty much appears that this company is a scam, and my money has been stolen as the website is still up and running, yet both phone numbers are disconnected.



I placed an order on August 29, 2010 from Spiral Haircase. They deducted the amount owed from my credit card, but i never received my order.

This really makes me sad that someone could do this to another human being. Surely, no one could be that desperate.


Well, as of yesterday (Wed Nov10)I am again the owner of Spiralhaircase.com.I am not sure what I am going to do with it now that most of my former customers are gone.

I hope your financial institutions are taking care of the problems you had.I hate hearing all these bad things about the company I loved for years but hopefully in time, I will be able to recapture the reputation we had previously.


It seems as though the same thing has now happened to me.I ordered products from Spiral Haircase numerous other times, once ever earlier this year (June or so), and was always very happy with the experience (in fact, I spoke to someone on the phone regarding an order back in June, and he was very helpful).

I'd been pleased with their good deals and always received shipments within 2 or 3 days.

But I placed my most recent order on Nov 4th, after seeing that there was a 40% off sale. Received an email on the 6th saying that the order had been "fulfilled" (the email included a tracking number). Now I am still unable to track the package when I go onto the USPS website-- it says the package has not yet been received by USPS.

I tried to go back onto the Spiral Haircase website, but it is no longer in existence.This is ridiculous!


I am glad I found this site because I always loved doing business with Spiral Haircase and couldn't believe those nice people ripped me off.Now I see that Sherrie sold the company That explains it.

Well, I lost over $70 on this big 40% off sale. They do not respond and now the site is down.

I am sad that people can be so dishonest.Wish Sherrie still owned the company because I loved it then.


Same thing happened to me.I ordered products in early October, credit card was charged and the products were not shipped!

There was no response to my e-mail inquiries.Now their web site is down!


I also placed an order and the only email I received was saying it had shipped and nothing further.I have not received my order but the money has been deducted from my account.

I attempted to go to their website but it has been cancelled.I'm assuming they were going out of business and ripped off as many people as they could beforehand......including me!


I owned this company from 2000 - 2008.My sister, Jodi, answered the phones and we returned all calls and emails within 24 hours.

We loved every minute of this business.We sold it in 2008 to the current owners.


I found these postings when trying to find some updated information on Spiral Haircase, after a bout of questionable service.I wholeheartedly agree with ravensquack - they used to be a great company, with amazing service.

I too placed an order about a month ago and have not had any of my inquiries answered - not to mention the phone number is not in service and the tracking number provided is not valid.

I will not shop with this company again and urge anyone who comes across this page to find another beauty supplier.Completely not worth the time.


This company has also RIPPED ME OFF.They have not responded to any of my e-mails and their toll free number does not work.

I have filed a complaint with my bank; what a hassle.DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH SPIRAL HAIRCASE.COM

I have also contacted the Florida BBB and Attorney General's Office about them.


In 2007 they were very good. They made good on a lost shipment, and Jody in customer service always replied to my phone calls, or was there to talk when I called!

In 2010, I wanted to order a product by Tri; a rep at Tri told me Tri does not have samples but has a good return policy. I *both* called and emailed Spiral Haircase. First, a call leaving my message and callback number. Then an email (Case # CS6225 Created: Return Question, September 3, 2010) was never answered. Then a second phone call, to find out that their number was out of service.

But they keep sending me email about their sales - but I consider them to be also "out of service". Until they prove otherwise!

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #203000

Spiral Haircase has a bad habit of deducting money from your checking account BEFORE they even ship!None of the other internet companies I have ordered from don't deduct money before they ship.

I have sent them 2 emails and they must not answer anything! Takes forever to get what you order - then they offer free shipping and that's a joke - free shipping and how long is it going to take?

Forever?Not worth the hasstle to me - not ordering again!


I ordered some products on the 21st of Sept and it is now Oct 20th.NO response to 2 emails as to where it is and even though I got an email on Oct 9 saying my package was shipped, USPS tracking says it was accepted at the PO on Oct 19th!


Go with someone else.Its not worth a month PLus wait.

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